Yeast cell factory for mRNA bioproduction

Yscript Consortium Sets the Track for the Final Stretch

On May 23rd and 24th, the Yscript partners came together in Ajdovščina, Slovenia, to set the framework for the final phase of the project. As now the most exciting part of the project starts – putting together the different processes that were elaborated and refined by the partners and thus creating a functioning mRNA factory – there was a lot to plan and discuss. The consortium found the perfect setting for these discussions at the Sartorius BIA Separations facility and even had some time to visit the laboratories and one of the most beautiful caves in Europe!

Most of the partners had arrived the day before the meeting and thus, the consortium had two full meeting days, which started on 23rd May with a warm welcome by the host, given by Rok Sekirnik. Our Coordinator, Chantal Pichon, also took the opportunity to greet the consortium and gave a short overview on the project progress and main challenges. Then, the Work Package Status updates were presented by the Work Package Leads. Important discussions already sparked during those updates and the feedback of the Yscript Scientific Advisors, who joined virtually, was highly appreciated. The partners used their time and discussed until a shuttle arrived to bring them to the Postojna caves for a tour through one of the hugest and most impressive dripstone landscapes ever discovered, followed by a delicious consortium dinner in Postojna.

Day two started with a tour through the Sartorius BIA Separations facilities giving the partners great insights into a buzzing company, the production site and lab spaces. It was really great to see how the monoliths are produced. Afterwards, the partners discussed their IP strategies in an IP management workshop and agreed on next steps towards sustainability for the Yscript results. In the remaining meeting time, the consortium formed working groups and planned the upcoming work with a focus on possible gaps and interfaces between the different teams and Work Packages in more detail. When all came back together, the General Assembly was held and marked the end of the meeting.

Once more a big thank you to Sartorius BIA Separations for hosting everyone in Ajdovščina and setting a very nice frame for this important meeting!

The meeting participants in front of the Sartorius BIA Separation labs in Ajdovščina, Slovenia
Group photo in front of the Postojna dripstone caves
Breathtaking dripstone formations in Postojna
Yscript partners learn more about the Sartorius BIA Separations labs in Ajdovščina, Slovenia