Yeast cell factory for mRNA bioproduction

Yscript at Hybrid Days and National Conference of the Ligue Contre Le Cancer

In early February, our Coordinator, Chantal Pichon from University of Orléans presented Yscript and the research behind at two occasions in France. She participated in the HYBRID Days 2024 on 8th February in Paris as well as in the national conference of the Ligue contre le cancer, which was held on 9th February in Rennes.

With a focus on next generation of gene and cell therapies, the 2024 HYBRID Days edition was the perfect place to present the mRNA research the Yscript partners are performing. Also, the combination of scientific talks and B2B meeting sessions made this an interesting event for the consortium. A video of the presentation held by Prof. Pichon about The game changing potential of mRNA-based vaccines and therapeutics is available here.

In Rennes at the Ligue contre le cancer event, Chantal Pichon presented Innovative mucosal mRNA vaccines against lung cancers. Further information is available here in French.

Prof. Chantal Pichon at the 2024 HYBRID Days
Chantal Pichon speaking at the research colloquium of the Ligue contre le cancer